Wow, remember comics?? I do!
This comic marks two important, symbolic things:

  1. In the past year, I’ve become significantly more financially stable (good), and in the coming couple years, I have books to finish (good but scary)! Yowza!
    With both of these in mind, this update is the end of an unexpected hiatus, and the beginning of a year of actual regular, weekly updates. My New Years resolution is to get the comic back on a regular schedule, like comics have. After this mid-week update, the comic is going to be on a schedule of one new page every Saturday (or, Friday at 11:59PM Eastern, technically). I could write about the million things that have made regular updates a challenge for me in the past, which range from my own emotional hangups to my need to pay rent and eat food, but I’ll leave it at this; I feel good about the coming year, and about where the comic is headed. Thanks for sticking with me, it means a lot.
  2. The font is smaller now. idk why I’ve been making my text so massive for years but I’m finally taking a stand

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