Goodnight Nitehox!


Good golly!!! This episode has been a long one, and posting it has taken even longer, so it feels wild to deliver the final page. I think it’s a good one, though!
I’ll be taking a brief hiatus and coming back in March with Episode 7, which I’m pretty excited to get to! Watch out for it!

Before that though I wanna thank you (you!) for reading! I especially want to thank everybody who’s helped support the comic in the past six months– whether through contributions on Patreon, voting on TopWebComics, or even just leaving supportive comments. Any form of support is very heartily encouraging to me and I appreciate it so much! put a lot of work into this silly thing and it’s always really affirming to see others responding to it. It’s good and cool!

If you wanna help me out in a super-easy, free way, I think now is a fantastic time to share the comic with friends! If you think your mom or your preacher or your pet would like a weird goofy comic about sad aliens doing slapstick, maybe tell them to check out!I

Speaking of support, incredibly special thanks to James David White, Jen, and John Smeallie for supporting this comic on Patreon!