It is (was) my birthday (yesterday)! So here’s a post just for fun! Also it’s free!! Happy birthday to you!!!

The biggest creative influence on the Softies world, by far, was Spore, the 2008 Maxis game. Spore came out when I was 12 and I was absolutely bananas for it, and it’s still incredibly special to me. The game is, objectively, extremely flawed and does not live up to its premise, but I don’t care. Softies exists because Spore exists and I love it

I made these Spore creations as I was juuuuust starting to try to seriously design Softies– the Stylish Carriage was designed as a Spore UFO before I ever even really tried to draw it. It is very literally based on Spore vehicle parts. I like making characters and props in creative games like this because it lets me play with them as toys in a very casual way rather than the relatively serious drawing process.

For extra fun, here’s a revamped version of the Arizona design I made a few weeks ago because I still love this bad game with all my heart

If anybody out there is still playing Spore somehow, the creaton pngs are attached to this post for you to download and put in your game 🤘